New Animators and ActionScripters team

2007-07-26 06:31:04 by Ichimanako

I think i've got an idea for my new flash! Stay tuned i will drop some lines later and will post some screenshots. I just need to start making it, what i think is the hardest part.

Also i have decided to make a project like Lost Solution. I need a good team, of some animators, and actionscripters. Show me some of your best works, and current team members will decide to take you to the team or not. I currently think of making 5 - 10 people team. If you are iterested in joining please drop some lines in comments field, or pm me. I promise we are going to be kick ass team. One more thing, name and logo still not decided so feel free to post your ideas :)



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2007-07-26 15:29:26

Cute little Panda! Heheh


2007-07-30 11:01:04

i can't stop watching porn for over 2 seconds to read this comment, oops!


2007-08-21 17:38:03

Just make sure it has good artwork.

Ichimanako responds:

I will try


2007-08-25 10:37:25

If it has alot of sex and violence I well love it.


Ichimanako responds:

Okay i will add some hardcore rough wild sex scenes


2007-09-01 06:48:50

Regaarding what you said on my,

It's not sprites,
That picture was random and unrelated,


2007-09-01 07:24:59

Haha, sorry for those spelling errors,
I was up pretty early without coffee


2007-11-23 12:01:26

Good luck with that. Oh and by the way, as moku piest...aisku ne kaip davincis bet priimtinai. Jei galeciau kuo padet, pasakyk (PM). Okej?


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