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Xmas comming!

Great game and only 17 KB. I really liked it! Really. You drew everything just perfectly. Yeah it is still a dress-up game but this one is not noobish, and Christmas are comming so i voted 5. But next time try to make more "clother" for this Snowman.


Nice MINI game

Nice mini game. I really liked graphics, but it wasn't very interactive. Also the game isn't unique. Next time try to make something more like bonuses.
But overall i really liked yur drawing style. Heh, i liked how you animated the enemies.
Oh and if i click "DOWN" at the moment when guy throws it disapears. So when i click "SPACE" i need to wait until food flies 10 pixels away to click "DOWN".
I think you get the point. Good luck.


Nice game

Nice mini game. I really liekd it, but you could improve baddies' graphics and also background was crappy. You resized bitmap. Resize using photoshop, not flash. Ah and that music was great. Anyway keep it up. I hope to see more from you.


mooseisloose responds:

awwww improve the baddies? I was well proud with how they turned out!

Not very usefull

I don't think it is usefull, unless you are Eric Bauman's brother and want to put others work to your website. Anyway i know a better and maybe shorter way to save movie by yourself. Open a window where is the flash ou want to save, open SOURCE, clikc ctrl+f and type .swf. Find swf's. Now make a new .txt document and put that link by also typing a href. Save, change .txt to .html open with your web browser, right click on the link and click Save Target As...

That's a better way i guess because you don't need to clean up all your temp files.



Just great game. I think one of the best games ever. I liked that there was over 20 weapons, that you can unlock caracters, but you should add more levels. Was a bit easy to win. Anywya nice graphics, very interactive and just awesome game. YOu deserved an award.


no ome-line summary

First thing i didn't like, that while you waiting (preloader) stupid sound plays. Make a button to turn that sound off. This flash was quite funny, but i'm getting tied of 'windows sucks' flashes. Anyway i liked it :D

Flashmovieboy responds:

I don't like it too, its just a bug that preloader sound. thats my last one too i guess


Labas Lietuvi. :D lol kazin ka tie durni uzsienieciai pamanys. nu dzyn. zodziu neblogas gejmas, man visai patiko, zinoma galetum :improve graphics: bet seip tai sitas :game rocks: na ka pa PyeMink :D


i really don't like all the maze tutorials but this one looks good. I really enjoyed background music. Anyway keep a good work.


Origin 01/28/2003 07:50AM EST

Origin: 01/28/2003 07:50AM EST
Well as your old game it rocks. Anyway nice drawings dude, and interesting interactive game. I liked it a lot. But you can now update it and make better. For example better graphics (BG), more questions.



Nice, simple gime, but you really can improve it. I mean shooting targets is boring. So you could make shooting flying planes or pigs or birds or something. But otherwise i liked it :)


TDxiii responds:

lol i like the idea of shooting flying pigs.

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